DESCRIPTION: John and Kelli are in their late 30’s and in the process of completing a remodel to their 1930’s one story home that was once a small school.

SOLUTION: Maximizing square footage in which the family can enjoy it’s fullest potential for cooking, entertaining and the chore of kid’s homework.

CONCEPT: A kitchen project created for a family of six; a schoolhouse style design inspired by the history of the 1930’s one story home that was once a small school.  By combining glossy 4x12 subway tiles with long pieces of ship-lap was the perfect jumping off point for the traditional kitchen; a unique design approach to create a mix of texture and reflective hard surfaces. The clean lines and white cabinets allowed the small kitchen to feel much larger.  Finishing off the space by designing a custom dining room table to seat the family of eight including the children's framed artwork on the wall which also added their personal stamp on the newly renovated space.



WHAT: Residential Kitchen Project:
Client: Harper Residence

SIZE: 525 sqft (49 m2)

WHERE: Knoxville, Tennessee 37919

WHEN: 2016