DESCRIPTION: Conceptual design project is a collaboration between Interior Design program and the Culinary Arts program. The goal is to create and design an inspired dining concept and menu based on the selected cuisine: San Francisco Ceviche: using the two story Building located in the Historic District, downtown Houston between Prairie St. and Preston.

SOLUTION: Establish a fine dining experience which also allows bar and rooftop dining with a more comfortable feel. A second floor banquet where guests can celebrate special moments with spectacular view of downtown.

CONCEPT: To design a restaurant which evokes sophistication while providing a relaxing environment. Customers will have a visually pleasing two story wine tower while enjoying San Francisco Latin style coastal cuisine. The architecture of the building reflects the new and old style of the historical building while inspiration of the deep rich blues and golds color scheme derived from the ocean and the fiery orange reflecting from the sun. The open floor plan allows for a nice flow between the lounge/ bar area and formal seating. The second story provides private dining and banquet rooms for guests to enjoy a more intimate experience with their own lounge that promotes conversation. A rooftop experience awaits guests after a long day.



WHAT: Commercial: Hospitality Restaurant Project

Client: Chef Patrick

SIZE: 30,000 sqft (2780 m2)

WHERE: Houston Texas