As a blogger, one of the traditional posts we often do is “gift guides” for every occasion. With Mother’s Day coming up, I wanted to take a different approach on the whole, “Mother’s Day Gift Guide” topic. We tend to forget those who have lost their mom’s or women and moms who are facing challenges. I am not an expert on this, however I wanted to at least spread awareness on the subject. I did some research on what all types of women are looking for on this day, and I am referencing them below. You can read their stories to gain a better insight on how to approach Mother’s Day for those that struggle with this day. At the same time, the gifts I included are not specific to mother’s, however the dedication of all women. This post is for you all!

women's day.jpg

1. SCARF: Seeing that blush is the on fire color right now, a pretty pink scarf is perfect for spring and an added sweetness to any outfit.

2. ESPADRILLES: The iconic French summer shoe is a must for anyone’s wardrobe, and why not go for French designer; SAINT LAURENT Logo-embroidered leather-trimmed canvas addition.

3. CUSTOM WINE GLASS: Oh one of my top gifts  “Good Day - Bad Day - Don't Even Ask Wine Glass”  and one that I have received! Love this because no matter what came at me - drinking wine from this glass made my day!

4. SHEEP PILLOWS: Everyone needs at least one sheep pillow to add some texture to an office chair, sofa and/or bed!

5. VELVET PILLOW: If you remember a post I wrote on trends, this hit both boxes of velvet & millennial pink and can add blush crush to the sheep pillow as well.

6. CANDLES: A gift that keeps on giving is what’s it all about. Another French classic is candles from diptyque, not only do you get to enjoy some beautiful scents however once the candle has finished you can re-purpose the glass to hold your makeup brushes, pens & Q-tips or whatever your heart desires. Now that’s sustainable design!

7. STRAW TOTE: Huge this summer, so you cannot go wrong with this playful ethnic straw bag with yes, pink fringe!

8. SUN GLASSES: To hide the tears or block the sun this is one cat eye sunglasses from InterMix that I want to add to my collection. I have seen this one start to get more attention in the fashion world and about to hit my shopping bag!

9. SUMMER HAT: Not just any hat! This is Blanch, hemp straw capeline hat from MAISON MICHEL PARIS, since 1936 making hats! On my dream list!

10. SKIN CARE: Did you say creamy eye treatment with avocado!?! Kiehl has me feeling extra fresh with this nourishing eye cream!

11. SILK ROBE: Robes are having a moment in fashion and strutting a silk robe around the house can make anyone feel glam. For all walks of women this is not only comfortable - it’s a fashion statement.  

12. HAND WRITTEN NOTES: This is special for any occasion, however it’s a heartfelt gesture especially for those that are struggling on Mother’s Day. Now the context of your note depends on your relationship, so I will refer you to those that have more personal knowledge on the matter! Here is one of my dearest friends, Viann’s blog about her struggle with infertility – “The Gut Link” and here is another blog “A Royal Daughter” that lists how to approach the subject, especially on Mother’s Day. Hope this helps!

13. PHONE CALLS: Yes, call your mom, grandmother, sister, aunt and all those that are celebrating, however let’s take a moment to call those that have experienced loss, in which this day is a struggle in many ways we can’t imagine. Again, I pass this on to a blog I found “A Lovely Woman”  where I read Carmel’s story where she wrote a piece to explain how to approach this subject and What Not to do when Someone You Know Has Lost their Mother. It’s painful to try to cover everyone’s unique situation on this post, however I encourage you to research and be aware of how to help those that have a difficult time during Mother’s Day.

Sending Love, Light and Healing to you all!

Happy Women’s Day!