As Creative Director and founder of CR Interiors, I am an American transplant navigating through the rich culture of France. In early 2017, I moved to Bordeaux, then April 2018 we made Lyon our home. Now more than ever, my attraction to the French architecture combined with many trips to Paris, Provence, and the countryside, has given me a European influence and an open mind in my interior design work which now spans from the USA to France.

Being an interior designer for the past 10 years has been one of my greatest joys. Filled with real-life experiences while designing healthier spaces and more aesthetically pleasing environments for everyone to enjoy. Since I can remember, my drive has always been to create beauty and elegance for others. I love how interior design allows me to be creative and yet think critically about the space I'm working with. 

An interesting note, I haven't always been a paid interior designer, but I've always felt it was my calling. Working ten plus years in information technology and before going back to school, I would often design and re-design my home with the latest trends (how you would design your home.) I would also stage homes on the market. My job--to make those homes feel warm, cozy and inviting. It was then, I knew that I had to pursue my passion to become an interior designer and went back to school. The formal education I received from the USA increased my skill of transferring ideas into reality. Starting from concept to a set of drawings for construction. 

Above all, I believe superior design is done by understanding the client’s budget and style direction, listening to their objectives and having clear communication which creates an added depth to the designer-client relationship. Additionally, combining function and comfort while keeping to the principles of Universal Design, i.e. an aesthetically appealing space yet usable by most people regardless of age and ability.





Welcome to my Lifestyle Blog. As you read above, I am an interior designer. I absolutely love what I do! The blog, however is an outlet to talk about important topics that I hold dear such as; interior design, travel and my new home country—France. Last June my family and I moved to the beautiful wine country of Bordeaux. Then, in April 2018 we moved to Lyon. 

Most importantly, starting a new life in France has given me a new perspective. I felt a blog would be a great platform to continue to be creative and share good content with the world about my new quest, which is all about searching and reviewing, where to buy handcrafted, hand-made or unique pieces.  While attending design shows to keep abreast of the design industry. I will be reporting on subjects that covers both regions of the United States and Europe. The “how-to” will also be in the mix as well. How can you have a design blog without discussing these topics?!? Nonetheless, I hope to give you all a good story book to read while you follow along on our journey.  My blogs will be a work in progress, so stay tuned for much more to come!





Working as an interior designer; seeking products and pieces for my client’s spaces, has given me the opportunity to explore beyond local commercial shops. In doing so, I've come to learn and respect hand-made pieces. Unique designs from around the world crafted with quality and care that is put into each product. Pieces that tell a story or has a history that reflect it’s age. A piece that has come into existence because of the passion poured into the work by a hard working artisan. Living in France has allowed me to shop first hand, year-round at our local brocants and flea markets for French classics and antiques. All of this combined with the dream of sharing my global collection of goods with the design world is how the shop came into fruition. You can trust that I have personally traveled to these 'far-off places' in order to hand pick pieces so that I can test them before ever selling them to my shop tribe. It's important for me to sell products that are trustworthy. I continue to curate a shop that gives back to the artisan and to connect you with French living through SEEK!